CBSE Class 9 Worksheets | Prepositions

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate preposition.

Class 9 Grammar Worksheets

1. This area is backward —————– many aspects.
a) at b) in c) on d) from

2. I don’t think we can bank —————- him.
a) on b) in c) at d) with

3. Do you believe —————- ghosts?
a) in b) at c) of d) out

4. Beware —————– dogs.
a) of b) off c) away d) none of these

5. During his regime, Ashoka brought ————— many reforms.
a) out b) about c) up d) off

6. We are anxious —————– an end to this misunderstanding.
a) for b) to c) about d) at

7. I am very bad ————— remembering dates.
a) in b) on c) with d) at

8. She was green with ——————-
a) anger b) cold c) envy d) fear

9. Her hands were blue with ———————
a) cold b) anger c) fright d) none of these

10. He congratulated me —————- my exam results.
a) with b) at c) on d) for

11. Suddenly she complained —————— chest pain.
a) from b) with c) of d) about

12. Contrary —————- our expectations the government hiked the price of fuel.
a) with b) to c) at d) none of these

13. I entirely disagree —————— you on this point.
a) with b) from c) to d) on

14. I tried to dissuade him ————— taking such a drastic step.
a) to b) from c) of d) none of these

15. I am totally disgusted —————— her.
a) with b) of c) from d) out

16. The police officer was entrusted —————- the task of suppressing the riots.
a) of b) on c) with d) out

17. He is envious —————— of his rich neighbour.
a) about b) at c) of d) with

18. She flew ————— a rage at the very sight of the boy.
a) at b) from c) into d) with

19. He is always grumbling ————– something or other.
a) with b) at c) from d) of

20. He is heir —————- the throne.
a) of b) off c) to d) at

21. He fell —————- the ladder.
a) of b) off c) out d) from

22. I will be indebted —————— you for life.
a) at b) to c) from d) with

23. He is guilty —————- theft.
a) with b) of c) off d) none of these

24. Don’t look down ————– the poor.
a) at b) with c) upon d) none of these

25. I was greatly moved —————– their plight.
a) by b) with c) at d) of


1. in
2. on
3. in
4. of
5. about
6. for (anxious for = eager to have)
7. at
8. envy
9. cold
10. on
11. of
12. to
13. with
14. from
15. with
16. with
17. of
18. into
19. at
20. to
21. off
22. to
23. of
24. upon
25. by

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