Change Degrees Of Comparison Without Changing The Meaning | Class 10 Grammar Worksheets

Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning using an adjective of a different degree. This class 10 grammar worksheet is helpful for students preparing for class 10 English exam conducted by various state boards like Tamil Nadu Board and MH Board. You can learn more about degrees of comparison here.

1. Mumbai is the largest natural port in India. (Use larger)

2. Platinum is the most expensive metal. (use expensive)

3. Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world. (use higher)

4. The Ganga is longer than the Cauvery. (Use long)

5. Goa is one of the smallest states in India. (use small)

6. Guavas are cheaper than mangoes. (use cheap)

7. Mangoes are sweeter than any other fruit. (Use sweetest)

8. John is not as intelligent as James. (use more intelligent)

9. Iron is more useful than any other metal. (use most useful)

10. I don’t use as much sugar as you do. (use more)

11. She is the richest woman in the village. (Use rich)

12. The elephant is the biggest land animal. (use bigger)


1. No other port in India is larger than Mumbai.

2. No other metal is as expensive as platinum.

3. No other peak in the world is higher than the Mt. Everest.

4. The Cauvery is not as long as the Ganga.

5. Few other states in India are as small as Goa.

6. Mangoes are not as cheap as guavas.

7. Mangoes are the sweetest of all fruits.

8. James is more intelligent than John.

9. Iron is the most useful of all metals.

10. You use more sugar than me.

11. No other woman in the village is as rich as her.

12. The elephant is larger than any other land animal.

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