Class 6 English Story Writing Example

Write a readable story from the given outline.

Trader going to the market … it starts raining …. One of the wheels of the cart falls into a pit … bulls cannot pull it up … trader inspects the wheel … decides to pray … god appears … trader wants god to pull the cart out the pit … god asks him to push it himself … gods helps only those who help themselves

Class 6 English Story Writing Sample

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

A trader was going to the market in a cart full of goods for sale. It was a difficult ride and the bullocks were very tired. But they had to go on anyway.

Suddenly it started raining. It was not easy to move in the heavy shower. The trader, nevertheless, steered the cart ahead. Suddenly one of its wheels fell into a pit. The bullocks couldn’t pull it up. They tried their level best, but the cart refused to move.

The trader got down to inspect the cart. If he had pushed a bit, the cart would have moved out of the pit. But that thought never entered his head. Instead, he decided to pray.

‘Oh God, my cart has fallen into a pit. Do have mercy on me and push it out for me,’ he prayed.

The God did hear his prayers. Suddenly He appeared before the trader and asked, ‘What happened?’

The trader cried, ‘Help me Lord, my cart has fallen into a pit.’

The God looked over and asked, ‘Did you do anything to bring it out of the pit?’

‘I prayed to you,’ said the puzzled trader.

‘Go and push the cart. Let me see if it comes out of the pit. You should have done this earlier. But instead, you were busy praying to me,’ the God said.

The cart owner had no option but the push the cart himself. So he went near the cart and pushed it. It came out of the pit smoothly and they resumed their journey.

God helps only those who help themselves.


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