Class 7 Story Writing Activity | The Evil Crane

Using the hints given below write a readable story. This story writing worksheet is designed for students of classes 6 and 7.

Class 7 English writing skills | Story writing worksheet

Old crane can no longer catch fish … starving … finds an idea … tells fish that fisherman would come and catch them … frightened fish ask crane to help them … crane agrees to take then to another pond … he would eat them on the way … one day crab asks the crane to take him to the other pond … crane agrees .. along the way crab notices fish bones … asks the crane about the fish … crane said that he ate them all …. crab kills the crane with his pincers

Model Story

A cunning crane once lived near a pond. He was very old and could no longer catch any fish. Since he would often have to starve for days at a stretch, the crane became very weak.

One he was sitting by the pond wondering what to do next. He was very worried. ‘How many more days can I starve?’ he thought. Just then a fish appeared on the surface of the pond. When he saw the crane sitting sadly, he merely asked, ‘What happened? You look so sad.’

Our crane was cunning. Suddenly an idea – and a brilliant one at that – flashed through his mind.

He said, ‘I am very worried. I heard a fisherman has plans to catch every fish in this pond.’ ‘You know what?’ the crane continued, ‘I eat fish. What will I do if the fisherman catches every one of you? I will starve to death.’

The fish was frightened to hear this. ‘My God! We are in trouble,’ he thought.

He told this news to every other fish in the pond. They were all worried.

‘What shall we do now?’ they thought.

‘Let us ask the carne,’ one of them suggested. They then asked the crane what they should do.

The crane suggested that they should shift from the pond to another one. He then agreed to carry them, one by one. But none of them reached the other pond. The crane would eat them mid-way.

One day, Crabbie, a clever crab asked the crane, ‘Will you take me also to the other pond?’

The carne agreed. During the journey, the crab noticed a number of fish bones scattered along the way. He became suspicious.

‘Didn’t you take those fish into the other pond?’ he asked. The crane laughed and said. ‘No. I ate them all, and now I will eat you too.’

When he heard this, the crab grasped the crane’s neck with his pincers and tightened his grip. That was the end of the evil crane.

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