Diary Entry Writing Sample 8

Diary entry writing tasks test a student’s ability to express their feelings and emotions in a simple yet lucid style.

Use this sample diary entry to practice and polish your English writing skills.

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Diary entry writing sample for classes 9 and 10

Today you visited a zoo which made you sad about the plight of the caged animals. So you decided to write a diary entry about your feelings. Write the entry in about 100-120 words about your feelings.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017                                                                                                           9 pm

Today our class teacher took us to a zoo. I was quite excited about the trip because I love animals. However, it turned out to be one of the saddest experiences of my life.

We saw many birds and animals in the zoo. Alas! They didn’t look happy in their cages. There were colorful parrots and lovebirds. They looked sad in their small enclosures. I am sure they miss the blue skies. The plight of the lion, tiger and leopard was not much better either. They were kept inside tiny cages. They are well-fed and they also receive medical attention whenever they show signs of illness. Yet, they looked tired and unhealthy. I guess that is a result of their sedentary life. They get absolutely no opportunities to walk or run. They pace their small cages up and down looking restive and angry.

I am not saying that zoos are bad. They do protect many endangered species. Still it hurts me to see wild animals caged for our entertainment. I know I can’t do anything for them but I can’t help feeling bad for them. I don’t think I will visit a zoo again.


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