Email Writing Sample For Class 10

You are Sheena/Samay. You recently visited Gir forest, in Gujarat. It is famous for the Asiatic Lions. You were lucky to have spotted a mother with her cub. Write an email in about 120 words to your friend Geeta/Geet about your visit and experience.

Email sample for class 10

May 3, 2020



Subject: An unforgettable jungle safari

Hi Geeta

I hope you are doing fine. We are good and I am quite excited to tell you that I had my first ever jungle safari last week. Yes, you read it right! Dad took us on a safari through the Gir forest. You know it is famous for the Asiatic lions. Of course, we were a little apprehensive about the possibility of not being able to spot even one lion, but luck was on our side. When we were barely an hour into the safari, we spotted a lioness with her cubs. The baby lions were so affordable and I really wished that I could take them home. The mother lioness sat under a tree. She was resting and watching her cubs fool around. The fierceness in her eyes was simply scary and yet I couldn’t take my eyes off her or her babies. The Gir forest is also famous for several other species of birds and animals. We got to see many kinds of birds which I had not seen before. There were plenty of deer and squirrels too.

Overall, this was an experience that I wouldn’t forget in a long time. I hope you had an equally exciting vacation. Please write back with your news.

Warm regards



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