Email writing exercise | An exemplary leader | Class 9 English communicative


Think of an occasion when you led a team. Were you successful? Did you exhibit any of the qualities of a good leader? If so, to what extent were these qualities exhibited and how did it lead to your success? Write an email to your friend sharing your experience.

Sample response

Subject: Cycle expedition to Silent Valley

Hi Shiva

I have got some exciting news to share with you. Last week, ten students of Class IX took a bicycle trip to Silent Valley. You know what – I was the leader! It was such an amazing experience. We started from our school at 5.30 in the morning and reached Silent Valley by 8.30. Some of our team members were against starting so early, but I managed to convince them it was a good idea. In the morning, there is less traffic on the roads. Also, it is pleasantly cool.

Before starting the expedition, I had told everyone that it would be challenging. Since we didn’t want to carry anything heavy I had strictly told them not to bring anything except water. I also packed a first aid box in my bag. We covered the first hour without any difficulty, but shortly afterwards Varun started complaining of fatigue and we had to stop. We rested for a while and then resumed our journey. The biggest challenge for me was controlling and leading a group of overenthusiastic and boisterous boys. I made sure that there were no arguments or quarrels during the entire trip. I also ensured that every one of us could keep pace with the others. We took more than three hours to reach Silent Valley. We are so excited with the success of this trip that we have already started planning an expedition to Munnar. Would you like to join us? Let me know.



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