English Test Preparation Material For Bank PO And MBA Entrance

Prepare for various competitive exams like Bank PO exams and MBA entrance exams.

Questions 1 – 6

In the following questions, sentences with a blank are given. Select the best alternative to fill up the blank so as to make the sentence most meaningful.

1. At the party, he met a young woman dressed ——————- white and fell in love with her.

a) in
b) with
c) at
d) None of these

2. The language you speak —————– my ears.

a) hurts
b) hurt
c) has hurt
d) had hurt

3. Normally the business confidence level moves ————– line with the size of the firms.

a) in
b) up in
c) up with
d) with

4. We should be careful as cellular phone operation is one of the key industries ———– to frauds worldwide.

a) open
b) vulnerable
c) available
d) welcome

5. First, the hardware must get ———– the ground.

a) over
b) of
c) at
d) off

6. Transnational corporations and foreign firms have ————– keen interest in investing in India.

a) displayed
b) expressed
c) discussed
d) negotiated

Questions 7 – 12

In the following questions, choose the word from given alternatives which is most nearly the same in meaning to the word given in the question.

7. Paradigm

a) solution
b) role
c) model
d) treatment

8. Volition

a) firmness
b) strength
c) will
d) approach

9. Icon

a) symbol
b) false representation
c) document
d) destroyer of images

10. Felicitous

a) sentimental
b) appropriate
c) lucky
d) scatterbrained

11. Gourmet

a) connoisseur of good food
b) who has traveled widely
c) chef
d) voracious eater

12. Perspicacity

a) mental keenness
b) faithfulness
c) calm
d) sincere


1. in
2. hurts
3. in
4. vulnerable
5. off
6. displayed
7. model
8. will
9. symbol
10. appropriate
11. connoisseur of good food
12. mental keenness

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