Finding accommodation

Here are some phrases you may hear or use when you are looking for accommodation.

I’ve booked a room for tonight.

Whose name is the booking in?

I’ve come to look at the room.

Is it far from the city centre?

How much is a double room per night?

We’re full.

What type of accommodation are you looking for?

I would like to rent a cottage.

For how many nights?

Is breakfast included in the price?

Is it okay to cook my food?

Am I allowed to have guests?

Can I see the room?

Can I use the swimming pool?

There is a $300 deposit.

We don’t allow pets.

What is your contact number?

Could I have a look at the room?

Can I pay by credit card?

I’ll pay the rent in advance.

Please fill in this form.

Sample conversation

Ravi has just moved to Edinburgh and he is looking for accommodation. Here is a sample conversation between him and his colleague Katie.

Katie: I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Edinburgh. It is a nice city. By the way, have you found somewhere to live yet?

Ravi: No, I am staying in a hotel at the moment. It is very expensive. I would like to rent a flat.

Katie: Would you mind renting a room in a shared house?

Ravi: That’s fine, but I haven’t been able to find a room as yet.

Katie: Don’t worry. There is a spare room in the house where I live. It is a big house and has got six rooms. If you are interested, you can come and have a look.

Ravi: Yes. Why not? What’s the house like? Does it have a centralized heating system? I’m not used to living in extreme cold weather.

Katie: Yes. It is a modern house. It will keep you warm and comfortable during the cold winter months.

Ravi: By the way, I’m a vegetarian. Will it be possible for me to cook my own food? Also my parents might come over in the summer. Do they allow guests?

Katie: That’s fine. You can cook your food if that is what you want. The house has got a big kitchen. All of us have guests sometimes, so your parents can come over whenever they want.

Ravi: Could I have a look at the room this evening?

Katie: Sure, I’ll give you the address.


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