English For Traveling | Saying What You Want To Do

To say what you want to do when you are traveling, use I’d like to…

I’d like to take a tour of the city.
I’d like to go for a drive.
I’d like to go hiking.
I’d like to hire a taxi.
I’d like to visit the museums.
I’d like to take the train.
I’d like to visit the historical monuments in the city.
I’d like to find cheap accommodation in the city.
I’d like to rent a house.

If you don’t want to do something, say I don’t want to…

I don’t want to take the subway.
I don’t want to travel alone.
I don’t want to take the train.
I don’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam.
I don’t want to fly.
I don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation.
I don’t want to leave my bags unattended.

Making suggestions

To suggest what to do when traveling, use We could… or Shall we…?

Shall we take the train?
Shall we walk there?
Shall we hire a taxi?
Shall we buy something to eat?
Shall we rest for a while?
Shall we go by bus?
Shall we rent a house?
Shall we ask your dad to take us there?
We could leave tomorrow morning.
We could take the subway.
We could find cheap accommodation outside the city.
We could rent a flat.
We could take a boat.
We could do a boat trip.

To suggest what someone else can do when they are traveling, use You could…

You could ask the guide to take you there.
You could take the train.
You could hire a taxi.
You could register a complaint at the police station.

The structure How about….? can also be used to suggest something.

How about taking the train?
How about buying the tickets online?
How about taking a guided tour of the city?


A verb used after How about…? must be in the –ing form.

How about finding a place to live in? (NOT How about to find …)
How about watching a movie? (NOT How about to watch a movie?)
How about driving there? (NOT How about to drive there?)

The structure Why not…? can also be used to make a suggestion.

Why not hire a taxi?
Why not ask John to take you there?

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