English For Traveling | Saying What You Like And Dislike

When it comes to traveling, all of us have got certain likes and dislikes. To say what you like, use I like… To say what you don’t like, use I don’t like…

I like wandering around the countryside.
I like the hills.
I like beach holidays.
I really like walking in the moonlight.
I like listening to the rains.
I don’t like traveling by train.
I don’t like flying.
I don’t like busy streets.
I don’t like the noise and pollution.
I like cities but I don’t like the noise and pollution.


A verb form used after like should be in the –ing form.

To ask what someone else likes, use Do you like…?

Do you like this country?
Do you like beach holidays?
Do you like going for long drives?
Do you like flying?
Do you like traveling by yourself?
Do you like exploring the countryside?

To say that you like something very much, use I really like…, I really enjoy… or I love…

I really like the hills.
I love camping.
I really like watching the rain.
I really enjoy driving through the countryside.
I love the lakes.
I really like traveling on my own.

To say that you like one thing more than another thing, use I prefer…

I prefer traveling on my own.
I prefer walking to driving.
I prefer beaches to hills.

Note that in this structure the thing that you like less goes after to.

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