Useful Phrases For Traveling

Here are some important phrases you might hear or use while traveling.

Tickets, please.

Can I see your tickets?

Could you show me your tickets?

Could you have your tickets ready, please?

Can I see your passport, please?

Could you show me your passport, please?

Do you have a driving licence?

Can I see your driving licence?

Could I have a return ticket to Miami?

A single ticket to Boston, please.

How much is a return ticket to Beijing?

Which platform do I need for Mumbai?

Do I need to change at Bangalore?

Can I sit here?

Is this seat taken?

Can we have two seats together?

Can you move a bit?

Is it this way?

It is on your left.

It is on your right.

It is straight ahead of you.

Is it far from here?

How far is it from here?

How far is it to the airport from here?

Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the railway station?

Do you know where the post office is?

Is this the right way for Pune?

Do you have a map?

Take this road.

You are going in the wrong direction.

Take the first on the right.

Take the third on the left. (= Take the third turn on the left.)

Go straight ahead for about a kilometer.

The train for Delhi leaves from platform five.

The train for Mumbai will shortly arrive on platform four.

Would you mind if I sat here?

Go straight on till you get to the traffic lights.

It’s opposite the women’s hostel.

You can walk there.

It is quite near.

How long will it take me to reach there?

It will take you fifteen minutes to walk there.

This is my stop.

It is two stops from here.

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