Renting a car | English speaking lessons

People often rent a car while traveling. Most car rental services allow you to make a reservation by phone. Or you can walk up to a counter and rent one.

You will usually find car rental booths at the airport. If you can’t find one on your own, you can ask an airport employee.

You can ask a question like:

Where is the car rental booth? OR Where can I rent a car?

At the car rental booth

Here is a sample conversation between a customer and a clerk.

Customer: Hello, I would like to rent a car. Have you got any cars available?

Clerk: Have you made a reservation?

Customer: No.

Clerk: Let me see. What type of car do you need?

Customer: What are my options?

Clerk: We have both small and large cars.

Customer: How many does a large car seat?

Clerk: It should seat 12 people.

Customer: OK. I’ll take a large car.

Clerk: How long will you be renting the car?

Customer: I’ll need it for four days.

Here is another piece of conversation.

Traveler: I’d like a taxi, please.

Clerk: Where are you now?

Traveler: I’m at the Grand Hyatt hotel. Can you send a car to pick me up?

Clerk: Sure. Could I take your name, please?

Traveler: Yes. My name is Rohan. How long will I have to wait?

Clerk: About ten minutes.

Traveler: It’s okay. Thank you.

In the taxi

Here is a piece conversation between a traveler and a taxi driver.

Driver: Where would you like to go?

Traveler: I’d like to go to CST railway station. How much will it cost?

Driver: 450 rupees.

Traveler: Could we stop at an ATM? I’m short of cash.

Driver: Sure.

Traveler: Is the meter switched on?

Driver: Yes.

Traveler: How long will the journey take?

Driver: Around 40 minutes.

(When the car reaches the railway station the traveler gets off and hands over a 500 rupee note to the driver.)

Traveler: Here you go. Keep the change.

Driver: Thank you.

Traveler: Could you pick me up from here at 6 o’clock?

Driver: Sure. See you then.


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