Dealing with the traffic cop | English speaking lessons

The first thing you should typically do when a traffic cop signals you to stop is to acknowledge the command promptly. Signal that you are going to stop and do so as soon as you can safely manage it.

Once the officer reaches your car window, be prepared to present all the necessary documents including your driving license, proof of insurance card, and the car’s registration.

Here are a few questions you might be asked.

  • Do you know why I pulled you over?
  • Why have you left your lights on?
  • Have you passed any driving test?
  • Could I see your driving license?
  • Do you know what speed you were doing?
  • Do you know you have exceeded the speed limits?
  • Could I see your insurance documents?
  • Have you had anything to drink?
  • Don’t you know you shouldn’t drive when you’re drunk?
  • Could you blow into this tube, please?


You ran through the stop sign.

Storyline: John ran through the stop sign and was caught by the police officer….

John: Why did you stop me, Sir? Did I do anything wrong?

Officer: Don’t you know? You ran through the stop sign. It’s a violation of the traffic rules. May I see your driver license, please?

John: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see the stop sign.

Officer: That’s not a valid excuse. May I see your license, please?

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