First conditional worksheet for class 8

Write first conditional sentences using the ideas given below. Watch this Youtube video to better understand the correct use of first conditional.

1. work hard / good marks

2. arrangements are good / event successful

3. old laptop / not work properly

4. eat too much junk food / fall ill

5. stormy weather / rough voyage

6. weather not favorable / cancel picnic

7. get a raise / buy a car

8. speak English / get a good job

9. play well / get selected for the national team

10. eat lots of fruits and vegetables / enjoy good health


1. If you work hard, you will get good marks.

2. If arrangements are good, the event will be successful.

3. If your laptop is old, it may not work properly.

4. If you eat too much junk food, you will fall ill.

5. If the weather is stormy the voyage will be rough.

6. If the weather is not favorable, we will cancel the picnic.

7. If I get a raise I will buy a car.

8. If you speak English you will get a good job.

9. If you play well you will get selected for the national team.

10. If you eat lots of fruits and vegetables you will enjoy good health.

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