Fit vs. Suit

There is a difference between fit and suit. Fit refers to size and shape. When your clothes fit you, they are neither too tight nor too loose for you.

  • This shirt doesn’t fit me. Have you got a smaller size?

Fit can also mean suitable or good enough.

  • Is this dress fit to wear?

If a person is fit, he / she is in good health.

  • A sportsman must be fit.

Suit refers to style, colour etc. If something suits you, it is convenient or appropriate for you.


  • This hat doesn’t fit me. (= It is either big or small for me.)
  • This hat doesn’t suit me. (= This hat isn’t appropriate for my sense of style.)
  • Bright colours don’t suit me well. (= NOT Bright colours don’t fit me well.)
  • The cold climate in Kashmir doesn’t suit me. (= The cold climate in Kashmir isn’t good for me.)

Suit can also be used to say whether arrangements are convenient.

  • Will Tuesday suit you? (= Will Tuesday be convenient for you?)

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