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We’ve prepared the most important tips to study English as a foreign language. Use this article as a guide to learn new language.

5 Tips for Learning English as a Foreign Language

In the past ten years, language learning has exploded in popularity. Ever increasing demand for DIY language education has brought with it a thousand websites and YouTube channels all dedicated to everything from language learning pro-tips to extensive, in-depth lessons from A to Z, or 人 to 曜日! Of all the languages in the world, English remains the most studied foreign language. We’ve gathered the list of the five most important tips for learning the English language!

1 Language Exchange

Don’t let your childhood teacher fool you, understanding grammar is not an essential first step in learning English. Before 200 years ago, most people did not even know how to write, nevermind knowing what a dangling modifier is! But, spoken language is as old as humanity. That’s because knowing how to speak is the truly important part of learning a language. And, the best way to learn English is to speak it often!

Language exchange is the simple and FREE habit of speaking regularly to a native speaker of your target language (the language you want to learn). You find someone who speaks English and also wants to learn the language(s) you speak. It’s free because it’s a partnership; you are helping each other. Usually, language exchange partners agree to speak 30 minutes per day over Skype, and every other day, the language of the conversation is English!

The internet is full of great language exchange websites. They function like dating websites, where you post an ad that specifies both your native language(s) and your target language. Some are setup to accommodate specific languages, and others are open to speakers of all world languages. One of the most popular is Check it out! You won’t regret it.

2 English TV and Movies

TV and movies (and all English-language media) are beneficial to learning a language. They provide you with hours and hours of original content to hone your listening skills! YouTube is the best because it allows you to slow down the video, making the audio easier to parse. On top of that, when you find a program that you like, it’s entertaining, and it offers you a perfect window into popular English-speaking culture. During your next language exchange chat, the topic of your favourite program is a brilliant way to talk about something truly engaging with your partner!

3 Take a Class

We are not all learning English for the joy of it. For some of us, it’s a means to an end. Learning English might mean a promotion, higher pay, or greater financial or educational opportunities. Whatever the reason, if you are not intrinsically motivated to learn English, the classroom option might be right for you. Having a class to attend regularly, and a teacher to whom you are accountable, provides structure in your learning schedule, and that helps you stick with it. If you have difficulty with motivation, it could be that the traditional classroom is right for you.

4 Writing Websites

It bears repeating that writing is not a fundamental component of learning English. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Many English-language university programs, for example, have high standards for written work, even for foreign students. If you’re in college, you might find yourself overloaded with essays! There’s a solution that you might not have considered. You can send your offer “write my paper today for me” to the custom writing service, and get quick essay.

Many writing services, like, will take your ideas and create original written work on demand. Often, you can have written work produced within 1 hour or 24 hours! Including a talented writer or a team of writers (mostly native speakers) to help realize your written projects not only reduces your workload, but accelerates your learning of English writing faster that DIY. They do their best to help you learn foreign language really quickly.

You are provided with clear and fast professional examples of the proper style and structure for your ideas in English script! Think of professional writing services as a powerful and convenient way to boost your writing ability and your confidence.

5 Confidence! Confidence! Confidence!

Learning English comes down to two things: (1) Motivation and (2) confidence. So, not being shy when communicating by using foreign language. It’s important to be always willing to “leap” of speaking English, at every opportunity, to anyone you can.

Most people, when you try to talk to them in their own language, will be very kind, and they will even offer to help you get the right words out. Very rarely will anyone be offended by your attempt to speak English. It is the most important thing to gain confidence through the trial and error of everyday conversations.

So, that’s our list of 5 tips for learning English as a foreign language. We wish you the courage to find your confidence and good hunting in finding the right resources to help you attain your goals!

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