How To Write The TOEFL Essay

The first thing that you require to tackle the TOEFL essay is good writing skills in English. You must be able to condense your ideas so that you finish this job in the allotted time. Your writing must be brief and to the point. Remember that you are not writing a full-fledged essay on the given topic. You are not writing a paragraph either. It is essential that you are capable of sifting the material at your disposal and present only the relevant points.

Give a free reign to your imagination

A fertile imagination is extremely necessary to pass a test like this. Sometimes you may be given a preposterous situation to analyze and may be asked what would happen if it becomes a reality. For instance, you may be asked to imagine what would happen if there is no water on the planet or if the earth is flat. Before you start writing give a free reign to your imagination and visualize what would happen if such a situation arises.

Sometimes you may be asked to argue in favour of and against a given proposition. In such cases, think of cogent and logical arguments that may be put forth by both sides if a debate is held on the topic. Condense them and present them for evaluation.

What to avoid

Your essay must be on the given topic. Avoid a roundabout or ambiguous approach to the topic or key idea. What you have written may be good essay but your scores will suffer if it is not written on the given topic.

  • Your essay shall not include unnecessary and irrelevant details. It must appear as a well-knit whole.
  • Avoid lengthy and compound sentences. As far as possible use simple, short sentences.
  • Avoid repetition of the ideas and keep within the prescribed word limit.

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