However vs. How Ever

However does not mean the same as how ever. The expression how ever is mainly used in questions. It shows ideas such as surprise or anger. The word ever is merely used for the purpose of emphasis.

  • How ever did she manage to get the job?

You can remove ever and the sentence will still make sense.

  • How did she manage to get the job?

Some grammarians believe that how ever has the same meaning as how on earth.

  • How ever did this happen? = How on earth did this happen?

However is used to show how a sentence is related to what has already been said.

  • Some of us want a new system. However, not everybody agrees.
  • Gold prices have been rising. However, this trend is unlikely to continue.
  • I was not feeling very well. However, I went to work.

However can also mean in whatever manner.

  • You may decorate the room however you want. (= You may decorate the room in whatever manner you like.)

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