Inviting someone to do something | English speaking lessons

Use the following expressions to invite someone to do something.

Inviting somebody to do something

  • Would you like to go to the theatre tonight?
  • I was wondering if you’d like to eat out tonight.
  • We’re going to the movies tonight. I thought you’d be interested in coming.
  • I’ve bought two tickets for the concert. Would you be interested in coming with me?
  • Would you like to come over for a drink?
  • How about going to the movies tonight?
  • How about going for a long drive?
  • Would you like to eat out tonight? They’ve just opened a new Chinese restaurant in the town.
  • Would you like to come over for lunch?
  • Care to come over for dinner?
  • I’d be delighted to have you over for my birthday party.
  • Care for a drink?

Accepting an invitation

Here are some phrases you can use to accept an invitation.

  • Yes, I’d like to come.
  • Sure. I’d like to.
  • Sure. When should I be there?
  • Sure. What time?
  • Thanks for inviting me. I’d like to come.
  • That’s very kind of you. Thanks.

Declining invitations

Here are some expressions you can use to politely decline an invitation.

  • I’m sorry, but I can’t come. I’ve got too much work.
  • I’d like to come, but I can’t. I’m supposed to be doing something else tomorrow afternoon.
  • Tomorrow looks difficult. I’ve an appointment.
  • I’d like to come, but I’ve already made some other plans.

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