It’s Your Funeral | English Idioms

The expression it’s your funeral is used to mean that one has to face the consequences of one’s stupid actions. It also implies the speaker’s lack of sympathy and in extreme cases contempt for another’s actions.

  • I have heard that it is a dangerous place to go skiing. But if you insist on doing that, I won’t stop you. It’s your funeral. (= You will have to face the consequences of your stupid action.)
    • “I’m going to tell him what I really think of him.” “Go ahead. It’s your funeral.”
    • “I’m going to try my luck in gambling.” “It’s your funeral.”

The expression it’s not my funeral is used to mean that I will not have to bear the consequences of someone else’s actions. This expression can be used with other pronouns (e.g. their, her, his etc.) as well.

  • “I’m going to quit my job.” “You may. It’s not my funeral.” (= Your quitting the job will not affect me at all.”
  • So you are going to make that presentation without any preparation. Go ahead. It’s your funeral.
  • So you are going to drop out of school. It’s your funeral.

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