Passive voice worksheet for CBSE class 10

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate passive verb form.

1. This castle ——————- in 1600.

a) built
b) was built
c) has built

2. Hindi ——————- in many parts of India.

a) is spoken
b) has spoken
c) spoke

3. The roof —————- by the contractor.

a) is being fixed
b) has being fixed
c) is fixing

4. He complained of ———————–

a) having tortured
b) having been tortured
c) have been tortured

5. Young children need ———————–

a) taken care of
b) to be taken care of
c) taking care of

6. You ——————— when the time comes.

a) will inform
b) will be informed
c) will be informing

7. I ——————— to leave.

a) have just told
b) have just been told
c) have been telling

8. We ——————– some photographs.

a) were shown
b) were showing
c) showed

9. Dinner ——————-

a) was being served
b) was serving
c) served
d) has being served

10. She ——————–

a) has told
b) has been told
c) has been telling


1. This castle was built in 1600.

2. Hindi is spoken in many parts of India.

3. The roof is being fixed by the contractor.

4. He complained of having been tortured.

5. Young children need to be taken care of.

6. You will be informed when the time comes.

7. I have just been told to leave.

8. We were shown some photographs.

9. Dinner was being served.

10. She has been told.


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