Personal Essay Examples in the Biggest Papers Database to Inspire Students

Are you going to write a personal essay? By the way, do you need some assistance or at least some source that could provide you with fascinating ideas and new thoughts? Yeah, all those are very complicated issues.

“What can be complicated in a personal essay?” you might be thinking. Ok, then, what can be complicated in an argumentative, a compare and contrast, a descriptive, a narrative or any other essay? If you don’t believe that writing is something simple and can be handled by anybody, we have something for you.

What about the largest database of academic paper examples, where you can find all imaginable essay examples on There, you can find any papers on any topics. There is no need to mention that there are plenty of personal essays examples, as well. But first, read some theoretical materials that will help you to understand the essay structure and get the general idea about the correct writing manner. After that select those essays that are written according to the general essay writing guidelines. And finally, read those samples.

Reading, not Copying Is Important

You might be wondering what follows further? Do not copy the samples of their parts, otherwise, you will deliver to your teacher a plagiarized paper. Yep, there are so many tools that will even show from where you copied your content. Your teacher will definitely identify it, even don’t try to take a risk.

While reading personal essay examples, pay attention to:

  • The manner of writing. It is normally recommended to write in a simple way. Now you understand that it improves the paper readability enormously. You have definitely noticed that some essays are very difficult to read.

  • The format of writing. Each essay has a standard structure. That’s simple: you cannot start for example with a conclusion and then move to an introduction.

  • Expressions and forms that you might want to use in your own essay.

If your task is not a personal essay but some other essay type, for instance, an English essay, you might want to check for topics, as well. You might use them or not, but some of them are really creative and inspirational! You should agree, that this is a good help for all those who don’t know what they should do with their writing assignments.

What Should You Do if You Love Writing but There Are Issues with Inspiration

It happens sometimes, that a student loves writing, or rather usually loves writing and has all the needed skills to do it well. But with this paper or with this topic things don’t advance too much. Where one can find help and which tips can be given?

The most popular solution is to check a database where you can find not only ready essays in any format but essays introductions, as well. These short samples of writing will help you to start your paper. Everybody knows that a good introduction is the most complicated part. Just use a ready essay introduction that you like and continue writing. Don’t worry, there is no need to plagiarize it. After you have your paper completed, remove the introduction that you have been using, and write your own. Now it would go much smoother.

Would You Consider Ordering Your Paper from an Expert?

However, there are cases when databases are useless. Sometimes, you don’t have time for your writing tasks. There are also students who just don’t know how to write in a nice way. If even after checking the essays database with all the essay samples you don’t know what you should start with, let an expert write your paper for you.

Don’t feel uneasy, this is a normal practice in the modern world. Writing is just not your cup of tea, but you might be great in something else. Ordering a paper would save you from many unpleasant moments with your teacher, no mention the wasted time which you could have applied for something you really enjoy doing.

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