Phrasal Verbs | Letter H

Here is a list of phrasal verbs beginning with letter H. Each phrasal verb is followed by its definition and example sentences.

Hand back (separable)

To hand something back is to return it.

  • When are you going to hand back my books?
Hand down (separable)

To hand down a verdict is to pronounce it formally.

  • The judge is going to hand down the verdict tomorrow.
Hand down (separable)

To hand something down is to give it as an inheritance.

  • These are ornaments that my grandmother handed down to me.
  • These are recipes handed down from one generation to another.
Hand in (separable)

To hand something in is to submit it.

  • All students have handed in their assignments.
Hand out (separable)

To hand something out is to distribute it.

  • The boys were asked to hand the brochures out at school.
Hand over (separable)

To hand something over is to relinquish one’s control over it.

  • Fill out this form and hand it over to the secretary.
  • He was too drunk to drive, so I asked him to hand his car keys over.
Hang around

To hang around is to stay in a place for fun.

  • They usually hang around the beach after office.
Hang up

To hang up is to put down the telephone receiver.

  • Don’t hang up. I will be back in a second.
Have over (separable)

To have somebody over is to invite them to your home.

  • I am having some of my colleagues over for dinner tonight.

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