Present continuous tense exercise 2

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate present continuous tense form.

1. What ———————— there?

a) is you doing
b) are you doing
c) do you do

2. I —————— letters.

a) am writing
b) are writing
c) is writing

3. The masons —————— the house.

a) are building
b) is building
c) were building

4. She looks beautiful when she ——————

a) is smiling
b) are smiling
c) am smiling

5. That boy ——————– bigger every day.

a) gets
b) is getting
c) are getting

6. The universe ——————–

a) is expanding
b) are expanding
c) expands

7. Why ——————– stones at the dog?

a) are you throwing
b) is you throwing
c) does he throw

8. Why ——————— that child?

a) is he hitting
b) are he hitting

9. Lata —————- TV.

a) is watching
b) are watching
c) watches

10. My head ——————

a) is aching
b) aches
c) are aching


1. What are you doing there?

2. I am writing letters.

3. The masons are building the house.

4. She looks beautiful when she is smiling.

5. That boy is getting bigger every day.

6. The universe is expanding.

7. Why are you throwing stones at the dog?

8. Why is he hitting that child?

9. Lata is watching TV.

10. My head is aching.



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