Present Perfect Tense Worksheet For Class 10

This present perfect tense worksheet tests your ability to write sentences in the present perfect tense. An example is given below.

She / act / in many films

Using these words, we can write a sentence in the present perfect tense.

  • She has acted in many films.

The present perfect tense form of the verb act is has / have acted. We use has when the subject is a singular noun or pronoun. We use have when the subject is a plural noun or pronoun.

Another example is given below.

you / read / Gulliver’s Travels?

Here the question mark at the end indicates that you are supposed to write a question.

In the present perfect tense, we make questions by putting has or have before the subject. Here the subject is you and it takes the verb have. So we write:

  • Have you read Gulliver’s Travels?

Formation of negatives in the present perfect tense

she / not return /yet

The verb she takes the singular verb has. So we write:

  • She has not returned yet.

Present perfect tense worksheet

Make sentences in the present perfect tense using the given words. The words are not necessarily given in their proper order.

1. He / just / go out

2. It / just / strike ten

3. I / never know / him to be angry

4. I / know / for / him / a long time

5. He / be ill / since last month

6. I / cut / my finger

7. The boys / all the biscuits / eat

8. We / live / for ten years / in this street

9. I / never see / a ghost

10. I / visit / all countries / in Latin America

11. That castle / on the hill / stand / for 500 years

12. The contractor / fix / the roof

13. I / since / morning / six letters / write


1. He has just gone out.

2. It has struck nine.

3. I have never known him to be angry.

4. I have known him for a long time.

5. He has been ill sine last month.

6. I have cut my finger.

7. The boys have eaten all the biscuits.

8. We have lived in this street for ten years.

9. I have never seen a ghost.

10. I have visited all countries in Latin America.

11. That castle has stood on the hill for 500 years.

12. The contractor has fixed the roof.

13. I have written six letters since morning.

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