Punctuation Exercise For Class 5 CBSE

Add appropriate punctuation marks. Capitalize too.

1. hes is more lazy than stupid

2. did you see kiran yesterday

3. what a sad state of affairs

4. what a brilliant shot it was

5. where have you been all this while

6. the more you study the less you learn

7. cant you drive any faster

8. dont you understand the rules of the game

9. things arent getting any better

10. it didnt stop him from making another attempt

11. rajiv and ravi are cousins

12. indonesia is a group is islands


1. He’s is more lazy than stupid.

2. Did you see Kiran yesterday?

3. What a sad state of affairs!

4. What a brilliant shot it was!

5. Where have you been all this while?

6. The more you study, the less you learn.

7. Can’t you drive any faster?

8. Don’t you understand the rules of the game?

9. Things aren’t getting any better.

10. It didn’t stop him from making another attempt.

11. Rajiv and Ravi are cousins.

12. Indonesia is a group is islands.

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