Reading comprehension activity for class 10

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow it.

Often students who are fond of reading are labeled by their comrades as bookworms. Those words typically come from the mouths of students who consider themselves as being gamesters. Boys who shine in athletics or in the playing of some game – particularly cricket – consider that the sporting field is a better or nobler arena for the expenditure of their activities than the classroom or the reading desk. This idea is born out of an inferiority complex inherent in the athletic students who actually envy their peers who shine academically. Academic honours, after all, have a glamour which is unique.

I am not saying that excellence in the sporting area is worthless. In fact, being able to play a game well is indeed an achievement. Even if you fail, sports and games instill team spirit in the participants. It should also be remembered that athletes and players do a lot to bring honour to their country. Actually team spirit and the willingness to cooperate can only be cultivated in a person by engaging in group activities. However, studies should not be sacrificed for the sake of playing sports and games. It is often observed that boys who become obsessed with the playing of games ignore their studies and as a result their academic ability suffers.

Answer the following questions.

1. Bookworms are those students who

a) eat books
b) love reading and read much
c) behave like worms
d) do not socialize

2. Playing of sports and games teaches us one great thing. What is it?

a) team spirit
b) fellow feeling
c) competitiveness
d) compassion

3. When students engage in group activity, they learn to

a) help others
b) cooperate
c) compete
d) love others

4. Give any two reasons to consider playing games a worthy activity.

5. How must, the students playing games, be cautious according to the writer?


1. love reading and read much

2. team spirit

3. cooperate

4. a) Playing games is a worthy activity because it instills team spirit in the players. b) Athletes and sportsperson bring honour to the country.

5. The author cautions the students against getting obsessed with playing and ignoring their studies.

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