Rearrange Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 4 Grammar Worksheets

Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences. Then mention their type.

1. are where going you?

2. arrive dad now will.

3. the missed we train.

4. an apple ate she.

5. played Shyam his puppy with.

6. baked yesterday a cake mother.

7. could I not the question answer.

8. of get sight out my.

9. rest take some.

10. you when arrive will?

11. the I train missed.

12. How beautiful she is!

13. don’t now leave.

14. invited I my friends have.


1. Where are you going? (Interrogative)

2. Dad will arrive now. (Declarative)

3. We missed the train. (Declarative)

4. She ate an apple. (Declarative)

5. Shyam played with his puppy. (Declarative)

6. Mother baked a cake yesterday. (Declarative)

7. I could not answer the question. (Declarative)

8. Get out of my sight. (Imperative)

9. Take some rest. (Imperative)

10. When will you arrive? (Interrogative)

11. I missed the train. (Declarative)

12. How beautiful she is! (Exclamatory)

13. Don’t leave now. (Imperative)

14. I have invited my friends. (Declarative)

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