Reported Speech Worksheet For Class 10

Sentences are given in the direct speech. Change them into the indirect / reported speech.

1. ‘Can I have the phone number of a plumber?’ Susie said to her neighbor.

2. ‘Do you have a sewing kit?’ she said to me.

3. ‘Could you show me how the shower works?’ the girl said to her mother.

4. ‘Where can I buy a new battery?’ the boy said to the man.

5. ‘Is there anyone who mends bikes here?’ the motorist asked the passerby.

6. ‘Is it possible to see a different doctor?’ the patient said to the nurse.

7. ‘Can you give me something for my earache?’ the woman asked the chemist.

8. ‘Is it possible to meet the surgeon before my operation?’ the patient asked.

9. ‘Can I have an appointment for tomorrow?’ James asked.

10. ‘What time do I need to be at the hospital?’ the patient asked.


1. Susie asked her neighbor if / whether she could have the phone number of a plumber.

2. She asked me if I had a sewing kit.

3. The girl asked her mother if she could show her how the shower worked.

4. The boy asked the man where he could buy a new battery.

5. The motorist asked the passerby if / whether there was anyone who mended bikes there.

6. The patient asked the nurse if / whether it was possible to see a different doctor.

7. The woman asked the chemist if / whether he could give her something for her earache.

8. The patient asked if it was possible to meet the surgeon before his/her operation.

9. James asked if he could have an appointment for the following day.

10. The patient asked what time s/he needed to be at the hospital.

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