Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Synonyms

From the given options choose the word which is a synonym of the underlined word.

1. If we do not conserve oil, we will soon run out of it.

a) preserve; b) consume; c) rectify; d) extract

2. Were you conscious of his hostility?

a) aware; b) intelligent; c) ignorant; d) careful

3. The referee’s decision was contested by the loser.

a) disputed; b) challenged; c) approved; d) negotiated

4. I don’t believe in corporal punishment.

a) emotional; b) mental; c) physical; d) spiritual

5. His political convictions are very radical.

a) arguments; b) beliefs; c) opponents; d) zeal

6. He was convicted of murder.

a) acquitted; b) suspected; c) proven guilty; d) excused

7. Try to curb your wild enthusiasm.

a) excite; b) restrict; c) encourage; d) swallow

8. The trip was curtailed because of bad weather.

a) postponed; b) shortened; c) cancelled; d) extended

9. He has a cynical outlook.

a) optimistic; b) skeptical; c) controversial; d) pessimistic

10. The loss dampened his spirits.

a) boosted; b) curbed; c) promoted; d) none of these

11. I couldn’t deduce anything from her conversation.

a) conclude; b) suspect; c) introspect; d) agree

12. I declined to go along with such a wild scheme.

a) refused; b) agreed; c) disapproved; d) decided

13. We won’t accept any deceptive ads.

a) misleading; b) blasphemous; c) cheap; d) dull

14. It was a decisive victory.

a) disputable; b) indisputable; c) chivalrous; d) magnificent

15. They deducted the cost of his meals from his salary.

a) subtracted; b) added; c) divided; d) multiplied

16. He is very defiant.

a) obedient; b) rebellious; c) faithful; d) loyal

17. The toaster was defective.

a) expensive; b) cheap; c) faulty; d) small


1. preserve

2. aware

3. disputed

4. physical

5. beliefs

6. proven guilty

7. restrict

8. shortened

9. skeptical

10. curbed

11. conclude

12. refused

13. misleading

14. indisputable

15. subtracted

16. rebellious

17. faulty

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