Sample conversations – shopping

Conversation 1

Shopping for a pair of shoes

Storyline: Karan wants to buy a pair of new shoes for himself, so he goes into a shoe store.

Shopkeeper: Can I help you?

Karan: Yes. I want to buy a pair of shoes.

Shopkeeper: What size are you?

Karan: Size eight.

Shopkeeper:  (pulls out a pair of shoes from the rack ) How about these?

Karan: Can I try them on?

Shopkeeper: Sure.

Karan: (tries the shoes on): Yes, they’re my size, but I didn’t quite like the colour. Do you have these shoes in black?

Shopkeeper: I’m not sure. If you can’t find them on the rack, they’re probably out of stock. Anyway, I’ll look in the storeroom.

Karan: Thanks.

Shopkeeper: I’ll be back in a minute.

Karan: OK.

Conversation 2

That’s a rip-off!

Storyline: Amar bought a used computer for Rs 15,000 without realizing that he had been ripped off.

Ganesh: How much did you pay for it?

Amar: 15,000.

Ganesh: 15,000 rupees for a piece of junk like that? That’s a rip-off!

Amar: What do you mean by that?

Ganesh: Don’t you understand? Now you can get a brand new computer for less than 15,000. Then why do you have to buy a used one at that price point?

Amar: Oh. I guess I really got ripped off.


To get ripped off is to get cheated or exploited.

Conversation 3

Shopping for a shirt

Storyline: Gautam walks into a textiles store. He wants to buy a shirt.

Sales assistant: Hello, are you being helped?

Gautam: No, I’m not. I’d like to buy a shirt.

Sales assistant: All our shirts are in this section. What do you think of this one here? It’s made of good quality denim.

Gautam: Hm, it looks nice, but I’d like to buy something cool for the summer.

Sales assistant: OK. Then I’ll show you some cotton shirts. How about this one?

Gautam: I think that’s what I want. How much is it?

Sales assistant: It’s… 799 rupees.

Gautam: Hm, it’s a little expensive. Can I get a discount?

Sales assistant: Well, actually we offer the best prices so I don’t think we can give you any discount.

Gautam: That’s too bad. (Thinks for a few seconds) Hm, it’s OK. I’ll take it. Could you wrap it up for me?

Sales assistant: Sure. Is there anything else you’d like to buy?

Gautam: No, that’s it. Thank you.

Conversation 4

I’m just looking

Storyline: Gauri walks into a boutique. She is not exactly keen on buying anything. She just wants to browse.

Sales assistant: Hi, can I help you?

Gauri: No, thanks. I’m just browsing.

Sales assistant: It’s okay. If you need any help, just let me know.

Gauri: Sure.

(She walks around the store. Suddenly a salwar suit attracts her and she calls the sales assistant.)

Sales assistant: Yes, Ma’am.

Gauri: I really liked this salwar suit. How much is it?

Sales assistant: Hm, it’s …1,200 rupees.

Gauri: Oh, that’s a lot of money for a salwar suit. Do you think I could get a discount?

Sales assistant: Well, we don’t usually give discounts, but you’re a regular customer so we’ll take 10% off the price. That’s the best we can offer.

Gauri: That’s good. Can you pack it for me?

Sales assistant: Sure. Is there anything else you’d like to buy?

Gauri: No, that should be it. Thanks.

Conversation 5

Shopping for a pair of shoes

Sales assistant: Can I help you, Sir?

Customer: I think so. I’m looking for a pair of shoes.

Sales assistant: What size are you?

Customer: I’m an extra-large. I’ve got large feet.

(Sales assistant pulls out a pair of shoes from the racks and shows them to the customer.)

Sales assistant: How about these?

Customer: I’d like high-heeled shoes. I’m not very tall, you know.

Sales assistant: OK. I’ll show you another pair. (Sales assistant pulls out another pair of shoes.) What do you think of these? They’ve got high heels.

Customer: Yes, they’ve, but they just don’t seem right for me. Could you show me another pair of high-heeled shoes with pointed toes?

Sales assistant: Sure. How about these?

Customer: Yes, these are exactly what I want. Can I try them on?

Sales assistant: Certainly.

Customer: OK. These shoes fit me well. I’ll buy them.

Sales assistant: How would you like to pay, Sir?

Customer: Do you accept credit cards?

Sales assistant: We accept all major credit cards.

Customer: OK. Here’s my card.

Sales assistant: Thank you. Would you like to buy anything else, Sir?

Customer: No, thanks.

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