Some idiomatic expressions

Abandon yourself to

To abandon yourself to something is to give in to it completely.

  • The kids abandoned themselves to the joys of summer vacation.
  • The dancers swung their bodies with wild abandon.

Be of no account

If something is of no account to you, it is of no importance to you.

  • Money was of no account to them.

Act on behalf of someone

To represent the interests of someone

  • I am standing here on behalf of my countrymen.

Act of God

This expression is used to refer to an event caused by natural forces beyond the control of human beings.

  • Floods are an act of God.

Be angling for

To try to get something by indirectly prompting someone to offer it

  • She was angling for his support.

The apple of your eye

A person you are extremely fond of.

  • She is the apple of her father’s eye.

Upset the apple cart

To upset the apple cart is to spoil a plan.

  • Now don’t upset the apple cart by raising silly objections.


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