Story Comprehension Exercise for Class 5

Reading comprehension activities assess a student’s ability to read and understand the given topic. No specialist knowledge is required to do this exercise because all the answers are found in the passage itself.

The following passage is meant for class 5 students.

Read the story and answer the following questions.

Story Comprehension Exercise

Grandfather was sitting under the apple tree in his garden. His grandchildren were happily munching on the juicy apples from the tree.

‘Who planted this tree here, Grandfather?’ asked one of the children.

‘Come I will tell you how this tree came to be here,’ said their grandfather.

Grandfather began, ‘I came to live here more than fifty years ago. One day I was standing just about where this apple tree now stands and talking to my neighbour. I was telling him that I wanted to earn a lot of money.’

‘The neighbour, who was a very wise man, said to me, ‘It is so simple. All you need to do is begin well. Right where you are standing, hidden in the ground are hundreds of rupees. It is up to you to dig them out.’

‘I was then a young man without much understanding of the ways of the world. The next day I dug a huge hole in the ground but I found nothing.’

‘The next morning, when my neighbour saw the hole, he began to laugh. ‘Oh dear, I didn’t mean that you actually had to dig a hole. Now I will tell you what I really meant.’

‘The neighbour then gave me an apple sapling and said, ‘Take this. Plant it in the hole you have dug. Look after it well. In a few years from now, when this sapling becomes a tree, you will start getting money. This young apple tree will reward you.’

‘I planted the apple sapling and looked after it well. The tree grew strong and over the years, it has become the huge tree that you see in front of you. I have been selling its fruit all these years. This tree has certainly given me back hundreds and hundreds of rupee. Even today I earn money by selling it delicious fruit.

I have never forgotten the lesson that my neighbour taught me.’

Little plants will grow to bear
Abundant fruits some day;
If only you can take good care
Of the plants you have today!

Answer the following questions.

1. Where was the grandfather sitting?
2. What did the neighbour give to the grandfather?
3. What did the grandfather do with what his neighbour gave him?
4. How did grandfather earn money from the apple tree?
5. What lesson do we learn from this story?
6. Give a suitable title to this story.


1. The grandfather was sitting under the apple tree in his garden.

2. The neighbour gave an apple sapling to the grandfather.

3. The grandfather planted the apple sapling and took great care of it. Over the years, the sapling grew tall and strong.

4. Grandfather earned money by selling the delicious fruit of the apple tree.

5. In order to be rich and successful we have to take good care of the resources that are available to use today. Over the years, they will grow stronger and earn us lots of money.

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