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Here are some expressions you can use to talk about yourself.

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Use I’m to say what your name is…

  • Hi, I’m Stella – I’m a friend of Sophia.
  • I’m Rahul – I’m your teacher.

In a more formal style, say My name is ….

  • My name is Guatam.

To say how old you are, use I’m…

  • I’m twenty-two. Or I’m twenty-two years old.

To ask how old somebody is, use How old are you?

Use I’m to give general information about yourself.

  • I’m a teacher.
  • I’m your neighbor.
  • I’m married.
  • I’m looking to buy a car.
  • I’m happy to hear this.
  • I’m from India.
  • We’re from Poland.

To give more information about your job, use I work…

  • I work in Chennai.
  • I work as a graphics designer.
  • I work for an insurance company.

To ask people what their job is, use What do you do?

  • ‘What do you do?’ ‘I’m a mechanic.’

To say where you live, use I live….

  • I live in Kerala.
  • I live near the sea.

To ask people where they live, use Where are you from? Or Where do you live?

  • ‘Where do you live?’ ‘I live in Mumbai.’

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