Tenses Worksheet For CBSE Classes 8 and 9

Can you use tenses correctly? Test your knowledge with this tenses grammar exercise. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb.

English Grammar Exercises

1. I ————– a letter yesterday.

a) was received
b) received
c) had received
d) would receive

2. What ————— your name?

a) are
b) is
c) was
d) has

3. It takes two ——— a quarrel.

a) making
b) to make
c) to made
d) made

4. The policeman ——————- the thief red-handed.

a) was caught
b) had caught
c) caught
d) would caught

5. The Bangalore-Mumbai flight —————— by two hours due to a bomb scare.

a) delayed
b) was delayed
c) had delayed
d) has delayed

6. The stadium ——————- with dance and song as various troupes from different parts of the country —————–

a) reverberate, perform
b) reverberated, performed
c) was reverberated, performed
d) reverberated, was performed

7. Jim Corbett —————- animals, but he also —————— many man-eaters.

a) love, kill
b) loved, killed
c) was loved, was killed
d) had loved, had killed

8. Last year they ————– a wall around their plot.

a) build
b) built
c) had built
d) has built

9. Last evening two teenagers —————— cocaine into the town but they ————-

a) smuggled, arrested
b) smuggled, were arrested
c) were smuggled, were arrested
d) has smuggled, are arrested

10. After getting on the bus, we —————— that we ————– the wrong one.

a) had discovered, boarded
b) discovered, had boarded
c) discovered, boarded
d) have discovered, have boarded

11. I asked him what mischief he ————-

a) has done
b) did
c) had done
d) is done

12. Why —————– you ———— him?

a) did, beat
b) do, beaten
c) did, had beaten
d) had, beaten

13. The battle of Haldighati ——————- in the sixteenth century.

a) fought
b) has fought
c) had fought
d) was fought

14. Maharana Pratap —————– in the battle of Haldighati, and so he ————— to the jungle.

a) defeated, was escaped
b) was defeated, escaped
c) had defeated, had escaped
d) defeated, had escaped

15. Many people ——————— in the riots.

a) Was killed
b) Were killed
c) Killed
d) Had killed

16. In the battle a number of soldiers ———————– and many of them ————- prisoners.

a) were killed, were taken
b) have killed, have taken
c) had killed, had taken
d) was killed, was taken

17. The entire nation —————- by the news of the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

a) is shocked
b) was shocked
c) have shocked
d) had shocked

18. Unauthorized settlements in many parts of the country —————

a) have demolished
b) were demolished
c) was demolished
d) had demolished

19. I ——————— it —————- the wrong thing to do.

a) knew, was
b) knew, were
c) had known, would be
d) know, was

20. Those who —————- respect their parents and elders cannot ————– civilized.

a) do, be called
b) don’t, be called
c) don’t, called
d) hadn’t, called

21. If you ————– ice, it ————–

a) heat, melts
b) heated, melted
c) had heated, melted
d) have heated, was melted

22. If you —————– her she —————- come.

a) had invited, would have
b) invited, would have
c) have invited, will have
d) were invited, would come

23. If I ————-you, I ————- accept that job.

a) were, would
b) were, would have
c) were, had
d) am, would

24. If it ————- the match ————— cancelled.

a) rains, will be
b) rained, will be
c) rains, would be
d) rains, would have been

25. If I were the Prime Minister, I ———— the taxes.

a) Would lower
b) would have lowered
c) will lower
d) will have lowered


1. received
2. is
3. to make
4. caught
5. was delayed
6. reverberated, performed
7. loved, killed
8. built
9. smuggled, were arrested
10. discovered, had boarded
11. had done
12. did, beat
13. was fought
14. was defeated, escaped
15. were killed
16. were killed, were taken
17. was shocked
18. were demolished
19. knew, was
20. don’t, be called
21. heat, melts
22. had invited, would have
23. were, would
24. rains, will be
25. would lower

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