Transformation Of A Statement To A Question | Grammar Worksheet

In the simple present tense, we make questions with do or does. In order to transform a statement to a question, put the auxiliary verb before the subject.

  • She works abroad. (Statement)
  • Does she work abroad? (Question)

In the simple past tense, use did to make questions.

  • She arrived late for the meeting. (Statement)
  • Did she arrive late for the meeting? (Question)

Transformation of statement to a question worksheet

1. Ruth won the first prize in the quiz competition.

2. He sent the parcel in the morning.

3. You know the consequences of your action.

4. She wants to be a writer.

5. They took him to hospital.

6. He learned economics at university.

7. She married her old classmate.

8. He provides the poor with food and medicine.

9. He lives in that mansion.

10. She lives with her grandparents.

11. She takes good care of her parents.

12. He missed the bus.

13. He told her to leave.

14. He requested her to help him.


1. Did Ruth win the first prize in the quiz competition?

2. Did he sent the parcel in the morning?

3. Do you know the consequences of your action?

4. Does she want to be a writer?

5. Did they take him to hospital?

6. Did he learn economics at university?

7. Did she marry her old classmate?

8. Does he provide the poor with food and medicine?

9. Does he live in that mansion?

10. Does she live with her grandparents?

11. Does she take good care of her parents?

12. Did he miss the bus?

13. Did he tell her to leave?

14. Did he request her to help him?

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