Unseen Passage for Class 7 with Answers

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is a group of 48 countries that are allowed to trade in nuclear raw material, technologies and equipment under strict supervision and monitoring. These include the five Nuclear Weapons States (the USA, the UK, China, France and Russia) and countries like Australia (which has uranium mines), South Africa and several European countries which have facilities for processing and fabrication. The European Commission participates as an observer.

 The NSG Guidelines are implemented by each participating government in accordance with its national laws and practices. Decisions on export applications are taken at the national level in accordance with national export licensing requirements.

The NSG was created in 1974 after India tested a nuclear device. A number of countries, particularly those with nuclear weapons, felt that the proliferation of nuclear weapons must be prevented. The NSG Guidelines were published in 1978 to apply to nuclear transfers for peaceful purposes. In 1992, the NSG decided to establish guidelines for transfers of nuclear-related dual-use equipment, material and technology (items which have both nuclear and non-nuclear applications) which could make a significant contribution to un-safeguarded nuclear fuel cycle or nuclear explosive activity.

Factors taken into account for participation include the following: The ability to supply items (including items in transit) covered by the Annexes to Parts 1 and 2 of the NSG Guidelines; Adherence to the Guidelines and action in accordance with them; Enforcement of a legally based domestic export control system which gives effect to the commitment to act in accordance with the Guidelines; Adherence to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and full compliance with the obligations of such agreement(s); Support for international efforts towards non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and for their delivery vehicles.

The CG is the standing intercessional working body of NSG. It is tasked to hold consultations on issues associated with the Guidelines on nuclear supply and the technical annexes. The CG takes its decisions by consensus.

Answer the following questions

1. How many members are there in NSG?

2.  Australia is a member of NSG because it has ………………………………..

3. Which incident led to the creation of NSG?

4. The first time India tested a nuclear device was in …………………………….

5. What was the objective behind the creation of NSG?

6. What is the full form of NPT?

7. Which word in paragraph 4 means expansion or growth?

8. Which word in paragraph 5 means a general agreement?


1. 48

2. Australia is a member of NSG because it has uranium mines.

3. NSG was created after India tested a nuclear device.

4. 1974

5. The objective behind the creation of NSG was to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

6. Nuclear Proliferation Treaty

7. Proliferation

8. Consensus

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