CBSE Unseen Passage for Class 6 with Answers

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

An unassuming room at the Wilson College is now the cauldron of ideas that tries to solve environmental issues. Called the Nature Club of Wilson College, it was founded in 1979 by a group of nature lovers.  Today, under the guidance of the club’s guardian professor, Sudhakar Solomon Raj, this army of enthusiasts is doing whatever they can to help save the environment.

Almost every Sunday, the team sets out on nature trails, which almost always end with cleaning up the place with the help of the local people. The nature trails the club organizes are often impulsive missions. They simply reach a place and start off. In Munnar, for instance, the group cleared up a 12 km stretch of land by removing all plastic bags and other pollutants. It helped that, seeing them, some curious locals also joined in. In Karnala Fort too, Raj and his students spruced up the place during a field visit.

The club also attends to the needs of impoverished schools. They collect study materials and donate them to students attending village schools. The club has taken on tasks far more complex than cleaning hills and forts. They once desilted the rivers in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park after they learnt that a lot of silt would collect and eventually move into the Tulsi Lake.

Constant vigil on matters relating to environment and networking with old friends keep Sudhakar informed about the matters that need the attention of his army. An incident that he recalls with pride was the cleaning up of a huge pile of muck that was left behind by the 26/7 flooding in a slum in Kalina.

Answer the following questions.

1. The Nature Club of Wilson College was founded in …………………………….

2. Which place did the Nature Club clean up by removing plastic bags and pollutants?

3. How does Nature Club help to promote education in villages?

4. The rivers in which national park were desilted by the Nature Club?

5. Silt deposits of rivers in Sanjay Gandhi National Park eventually move into …………………………..

6. Which word/phrase in second paragraph means a path in the countryside that leads to natural features?

7. Which word in paragraph 4 means attention?


1. 1979

2. Munnar

3. They collect study materials and donate them to needy students.

4. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

5. Tulsi Lake

6. Nature Trails

7. Vigil

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