Class 10 Paragraph Writing Sample | CBSE Class 10 English Model Questions

Gurmeet Kaur is an aspiring candidate for a public-funded engineering college in the suburbs.

She belongs to a nearby village, has minimal technological skills and exposure, has the required cut-off percentage and is looking for a complete or partial scholarship.

Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words, analysing her SWOT notes to support your stand on whether she should join/not join the college.

Strong Curriculum
Quality faculty
Vibrant Activity Clubs
Green location
Close proximity to residential areas
Lack of diversity
Students’ behavioural problems
No hostel facility
Slow repair and maintenance work
Underutilization of IT Services
Lack of targeted advertisements to out-state students
Practice based research
Partnership with professional organisations
Strong alumni
Acclaimed Student Exchange Programme with European countries
Lack of publicity in areas of excellence
Public perception towards funded colleges
Declining students’ interest towards technical subjects
Low employee morale due to budget cuts

Class 10 Paragraph Writing | SWOT Note Analysis

An analysis of Gurmeet’s SWOT notes indicates that it is more advantageous for her to join the college. If she joins the college, she can benefit from a strong curriculum and quality faculty. She will also get to be a part of various activity clubs. Of course, the college does not provide hostel facility but that is unlikely to be a problem for her because she lives in a nearby village. While lack of diversity can make her college life a little boring, the presence of activity clubs should compensate for that. The college has partnership with various professional organisations and has a practical approach towards research. Both of these factors should enable her to find good employment opportunities upon completion of the course. This is also proven by the fact that the college has a strong alumni. While there are still some threats such as inadequate publicity and budget cuts, they are not big enough to deter her from joining the college in view of the benefits she will get to enjoy.

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