Vocabulary exercise

This exercise tests your range of vocabulary.
Do you recognize these words?

1. A person who is a strict disciplinarian

a) martinet
b) virago
c) dilettante

2. A person who is essentially a bootlicker

a) sycophant
b) chauvinist
c) lecher

3. A person who sneers at tradition

a) monomaniac
b) hypochondriac
c) iconoclast

4. Someone who doesn’t believe in God

a) atheist
b) agnostic
c) chauvinist

5. An accomplished musician

a) tyro
b) dilettante
c) virtuoso

6. Something that is flimsy

a) uxorious
b) diaphanous
c) paternal

7. A bad-tempered or abusive woman

a) virtuoso
b) termagant
c) matriarch

8. The act of murdering one’s wife

a) genocide
b) uxoricide
c) sororicide

9. Old man in ruling position

a) patriarch
b) patricide
b) matriarch

10. A morbid compulsion to steal

a) nymphomania
b) dipsomania
c) kleptomania

11. Delusions of grandeur

a) egomania
b) megalomania
c) pyromania

12. Belief in many gods

a) agnosticism
b) polytheism
c) monotheism

Answer key

1. martinet; 2. sycophant; 3. iconoclast; 4. atheist; 5. virtuoso; 6. diaphanous; 7. termagant; 8. uxoricide; 9. patriarch; 10. kleptomania; 11. megalomania; 12. polytheism


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