Words Followed By ‘Of’

The following adjectives and participles take the preposition of after them.

Accused of: He accused me of stealing his money.

Acquitted of: He was acquitted of the charges.

Apprehensive of: He was apprehensive of getting caught.

Afraid of: She is afraid of being alone.

Apprised of: He was apprised of the latest developments.

Assured of: If you win this match, you can be assured of a place in the semifinal.

Aware of: Is she aware of his health problem?

Bereft of: They looked bereft of hope.

Certain of: I am certain of his involvement in this.

Characteristic of: Hot days and cold nights are characteristic of deserts.

Composed of: This book is composed of twelve chapters.

Confident of: They are confident of success.

Conscious of: He was not conscious of the happenings around him.

Convicted of: He was convicted of murder.

Convinced of: I am convinced of his involvement in this conspiracy.

Deprived of: The refugees are deprived of even the basic necessities.

Desirous of: He is desirous of fame.

Devoid of: She is devoid of common sense.

Envious of: He is envious of you.

Fond of: I am quite fond of my cats.

Guilty of: He is guilty of culpable homicide.

Ignorant of: They seemed ignorant of the rules.

Informed of: She has been informed of our decision.

Irrespective of: Everyone should have access to quality healthcare irrespective of their financial status.

Proud of: I am proud of your achievements.

Regardless of: Anyone can join the club regardless of their age.

Sick of: I am sick of your hypocrisy.

Sure of: We are sure of success.

Suspicious of: She is suspicious of strangers.

Tolerant of: People who travel a lot are usually tolerant of differences.

Worthy of: He is worthy of our adulation.

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