Rearrange Words To Make Meaningful Sentences | Class 11 Grammar Worksheet

Rearrange words and phrases to make meaningful sentences. This grammar worksheet is helpful for students of classes 11 and 12.

1. how to my sister ideas and I have diverse on raise children

2. the parallel two roads run for a mile, and become then divergent

3. will the agency the food among distribute several countries

4. the news the easily bias of a reporter can distort

5. the child distraught waited news of for mother her missing

6. a careful wise his holdings investor is to diverse

7. must try you to between real antiques discriminate and cheap imitations

8. the informed news distribution of is for an public vital

9. her home alone dread of being made nervous her extremely

10. they the winner’s name draw from the barrel will

11. the confrontation two there was a between leaders dramatic

12. been I have ever I heard down the news since


1. My sister and I have diverse ideas on how to raise children.

2. The two roads run parallel for a mile, and then become divergent.

3. The agency will distribute the food among several countries.

4. The bias of a reporter can easily distort the news.

5. The distraught mother waited for news of her missing child.

6. A wise investor is careful to diverse his holdings.

7. You must try to discriminate between real antiques and cheap imitations.

8. The distribution of news is vital for an informed public.

9. Her dread of being home alone made her extremely nervous.

10. They will draw the winner’s name from the barrel.

11. There was a dramatic confrontation between the two leaders.

12. I have been down ever since I heard the news.

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