Write A Story From The Outline | Class 8 English Writing Exercise

Develop a meaningful story from the given outlines. This English story writing activity is for students of classes 7 and 8.

Old farmer has just one horse – horse dies … people feel sorry for the farmer – the farmer maintains his calm … says ‘we’ll see’ … neighbours gift him a new horse … people think he is lucky … he says ‘we’ll see’. Horse runs away … people say he is unlucky .. he says ‘we’ll see’ …. Horse returns … people say he is lucky … he says ‘we’ll see’. His son rides the horse, falls and breaks his leg … people feel pity for him …. Farmer says ‘we’ll see’. Army come to recruit young people … farmer’s son spared … people say he is fortunate … farmer says ‘we’ll see’.

Model story

Whatever Happens Happens For Good

Once upon a time, there was a farmer in the central region of China. He was poor and used an old horse to plow his field.

One afternoon, while working in the field, the horse dropped dead. Everyone in the village said, “Oh, what a horrible thing to happen him.” The farmer simply said, “We’ll see.” He maintained his calm that people in the village could not help admiring his attitude. They got together and gave him a new horse as a gift.

Now everyone’s reaction was, “What a lucky man.” And the farmer said, “We’ll see.”

A couple of days later, the new horse jumped a fence and ran away. Everyone in the village shook their heads and said, “What a poor fellow!”

The farmer smiled and said, “We’ll see.”

Eventually, the horse found his way home, and everyone again said, “What a fortunate man.”

The farmer said, “We’ll see.”

Later in the year, the farmer’s young boy went out riding on the horse and fell and broke his leg. Everyone in the village said, “What a shame for the poor boy.”

The farmer said, “We’ll see.”

Two days later, the army came into the village to draft new recruits. When they saw that the farmer’s son had a broken leg, they decided not to recruit him.

Everyone said, “What a fortunate young man.”

The farmer smiled again – and said “We’ll see.”

There’s no use in overreacting to the events and circumstances of our everyday lives. Many times what looks like a setback, may actually be a blessing in disguise. And when our hearts are in the right place, all events and circumstances are blessings that we can learn valuable lessons from.

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