Writing A Speech | Writing Tasks For Classes 9 and 10

CBSE Class 9 and 10 English question papers often include a speech writing task.

You are required to write a speech in about 120 words on the given topic.

Here is a sample speech writing task. It is taken from a previous year’s CBSE English question paper.

Class 9 English Speech Writing Exercise

Considering the acute shortage of water in some parts of the city, your school has decided to launch a rainwater harvesting programme. As the president of the Environment Club of your school, prepare a speech in about 120 words to be delivered at one of its club meetings, informing the members about the programme, its benefits, the simple techniques that can be used to store rainwater and how to utilize it for various purposes. Write this speech using ideas from the unit ‘Environment’, together with the notes given below.

Advantages of rainwater harvesting

  • Improvement in quality of groundwater
  • Raising of water levels in wells
  • Ideal solution to water problem in areas with inadequate water resources
  • Reduction of soil erosion
  • One meter rise in water level saves 0.40 kilo watt hour electricity

Sample speech

Honourable principal, my dear teachers and friends

As president of the Environment club of our school, today I am here to speak about the importance of conserving water. As you probably already know, we have launched a rainwater harvesting programme in our school. Water is the elixir of life. Unfortunately, it is becoming a scarce commodity. Water scarcity now affects most parts of the world. Our city is no different. We face acute water shortage every summer. However, we can solve this problem with a little effort.

The only solution to our water woes is to conserve the available water. As you know we get most of our water from rains. However, we manage to conserve only a small amount of it and the rest just flows into the oceans and becomes unavailable to us. Rainwater harvesting allows us to conserve a considerable amount of the rainwater we receive every year. By digging holes and pits in the ground we can allow more rain water to seep into the earth. This will increase the water levels in our ponds and wells and make fresh water available all year round. Studies have shown that one meter rise in water levels saves 0.40 kwh electricity.

We should also store water in tanks. This water can be used for washing clothes and utensils. Waste water can be used for gardening purposes. We also need to reduce our consumption of water. We don’t need bucketfuls of water to brush our teeth. We should get all leaky taps repaired. Remember that every drop counts. So, let’s act today before it becomes too late.

Thank you.

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