A Raw Deal | English Idioms

You can say that you got a raw deal when you feel that you were not treated fairly. This idiom is often used with the verbs give and get.

  • She quit the job because she felt that she was getting a raw deal.
  • She sued her employer because she felt that she got a raw deal from him.
  • I did everything I could to help her so I felt really bad when she accused me of giving her a raw deal.


Complete the following sentences.

1. Teachers in private schools often get ……………………. They have to work harder than teachers in government schools and still they earn much less.

a) a raw deal
b) a good deal

2. Women employees often get a raw deal in the workplace. They have to work as hard as their male counterparts; still they get ……………………. opportunities for career growth.

a) fewer
b) more


1. a raw deal

2. fewer

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