Active Verbs

An active verb form is one like reads, wrote, broke, is writing or will write. The subject of an active verb is usually the person or thing that does the action, or is responsible for what happens.

Jane wrote a story. (Jane (subject) did the action.)
We are eating our dinner.
John will collect our clothes from the dry cleaner.

In English, an intransitive verb can only appear in the active voice.

The sun rose at 6.30 this morning.
Ann smiled knowingly.

Active Voice and Passive Voice Worksheet

Say whether the verbs in the following sentences are in the active voice or passive voice.

1. I have sent the report.

2. I am taking these mangoes back to the store.

3. This liquid removes stains from clothes.

4. She has been dismissed.

5. Have they been told?

6. I was made to give up my claim.

7. We were prevented from entering the house.

8. They do not permit smoking in the house.

9. This colour does not suit me.

10. The princess was cursed by the witch.

11. You never cease to amaze me

12. The problem has been resolved.


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