Antonyms worksheet

Against each key word are given five suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning to the key word.

1. Gainsay

a) earn
b) agree
c) refute
d) naysay
e) profit

2. Gamut

a) array
b) the whole range
c) partial
d) extent
e) breadth

3. Garrulous

a) talkative
b) voluble
c) taciturn
d) incredible
e) despicable

4. Germane

a) to the point
b) of interest
c) German
d) relevant
e) irrelevant

5. glimmer

a) pale
b) flicker
c) glisten
d) shimmer
e) none of these

6. Gossamer

a) diaphanous
b) sheer
c) ethereal
d) robust
e) delicate

7. Grandiloquent

a) straightforward
b) verbose
c) pompous
d) grand
e) splendid

8. Gregarious

a) expressive
b) convivial
c) shy
d) outgoing
e) sociable

9. Guile

a) wiliness
b) frankness
c) astuteness
d) deviousness
e) deceit

10. Gullible

a) credulous
b) intelligent
c) susceptible
d) smart
e) naïve

11. Halcyon

a) turbulent
b) heavenly
c) still
d) gay
e) hearty

12. Harangue

a) berate
b) tirade
c) praise
d) remove
e) regret

13. Heinous

a) vulnerable
b) outrageous
c) admirable
d) odious
e) appalling

14. Heresy

a) ceremonial
b) profanation
c) sacrilege
d) consent
e) none of these

15. Heterogeneous

a) similar
b) diverse
c) assorted
d) different
e) distinctive

16. Hirsute

a) hairy
b) bushy
c) bald
d) skinny
e) shaggy

17. Hospitable

a) genial
b) frosty
c) orderly
d) pleasant
e) jovial

18. Hypocrisy

a) malignance
b) pretense
c) sincerity
d) duplicity
e) significance

19. Idiosyncrasy

a) eccentricity
b) quirk
c) unconventional behaviour
d) foible
e) habit

20. Ignoble

a) mannerly
b) reprehensible
c) honorable
d) stimulating
e) dastardly

21. Ignominious

a) honorable
b) despicable
c) ridiculous
d) disgraceful
e) reprehensible

22. Illicit

a) illegitimate
b) illogical
c) prohibited
d) legal
e) none of these

23. Immaculate

a) spotless
b) messy
c) pristine
d) spick and span
e) none of these

24. Imminent

a) distant
b) just around the corner
c) on the cards
d) looming
e) in the offing

25. Immutable

a) invariable
b) incontrovertible
c) indisputable
d) absolute
e) changeable


1. agree

2. partial

3. talkative

4. irrelevant

5. pale

6. robust

7. straightforward

8. shy

9. frankness

10. smart

11. turbulent

12. praise

13. admirable

14. consent

15. similar

16. bald

17. frosty

18. sincerity

19. unconventional behaviour

20. honorable

21. honorable

22. legal

23. messy

24. distant

25. changeable

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