Change Active Voice To Passive Voice

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into passive. Choose the correct sentence from the given options.

1. I have invited all of my friends to my party.

a) All of my friends are invited to my party.

b) All of my friends were invited to my party.

c) All of my friends have been invited to my party.

d) All of my friends have invited me to their party.

Answer: c

2. Arrest him.

a) He be arrested.

b) Let him be arrested.

c) He should be arrested.

d) He was arrested.

Answer: b

3. Call the first witness.

a) The first witness be called.

b) Let the first witness be called.

c) The first witness should be called.

d) Someone should call the first witness.

Answer: b

4. They hit him with a stick.

a) He is hit with a stick.

b) He was hit with a stick.

c) He has been hit with a stick.

d) He was hitting with a stick.

Answer: b

5. I have known him for a long time.

a) He is known to me for a long time.

b) He has been known to me for a long time.

c) He had been known to me for a long time.

d. He had known to me for a long time.

Answer: b

6. They criticized him badly.

a) He is badly criticized by them.

b) He was badly criticized by them.

c) He has been badly criticized by them.

d) They had been badly criticized him.

Answer: b

7. My mother accompanied me to the bus stop.

a) I am accompanied by my mother.

b) I was accompanied by my mother.

c) I was being accompanied by my mother.

d) I have been accompanied by my mother.

Answer: b

8. They praised the boy for his honesty.

a) The boy praised for his honesty.

b) The boy was praised for his honesty.

c) The boy has been praised for his honesty.

d) The boy was being praised for his honesty.

Answer: b

9. They are building a new house.

a) A new house is built by them.

b) A new house is being built by them.

c) A new house has been built by them.

d) They have been building a new house.

Answer: b

10. She teaches poor kids.

a) Poor kids are taught by her.

b) Poor kids are being taught by her.

c) Poor kids have been taught by her.

d) Poor kids were being taught by her.

Answer: a


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