Change Into Past Continuous Tense

Sentences are given in the present continuous tense. Change them into the past continuous tense.

1. I am reading emails.

2. She is cooking dinner.

3. The girl is dancing.

4. The students are waiting for their results.

5. My mother is going to the temple.

6. Sania is getting ready for school.

7. Maya is writing a story.

8. Karan is repairing his car.

9. We are having dinner.

10. I am waiting for his call.

11. The dog is barking.

12. It is snowing.

13. She is trembling with rage.

14. You are making a big mistake.

15. Rohan and Sania are going to work.


1. I was reading emails.

2. She was cooking dinner.

3. The girl was dancing.

4. The students were waiting for their results.

5. My mother was going to the temple.

6. Sania was getting ready for school.

7. Maya was writing a story.

8. Karan was repairing his car.

9. We were having dinner.

10. I was waiting for his call.

11. The dog was barking.

12. It was snowing.

13. She was trembling with rage.

14. You were making a big mistake.

15. Rohan and Sania were going to work.


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